A few days after he was disowned by his mother, Anita Mui’s brother Mui Kai Ming recently accused the former, Tam Mei Kam of being manipulated by others.

In a press conference held following the previous headlines, Mui stated his belief that the reason Mama Mui disowned him was due to the infringement case that he filed against Edko Films – the studio that brought the 2021 movie, “Anita” – over the use of the name Anita Mui, which he said he has registered as trademark.

“At first, she told me to file it, which is why I made this move. After I did, she said to cancel it. It’s not like you can do something and just throw it back out. This is where the problem lies. She was afraid of legal problems. But the lawsuit is in my name, and has nothing to do with her,” he said.

Asked if he suspected that his mother has received some benefit from other parties, Mui said that he believed so, though he has no proof to show.

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Mui Kai Ming wants to tell his side of the story

“I asked her and she said no but she also didn’t say why she won’t sue,” he said.

Asked if he was upset that his mother backed off in the last second, Mui said that he won’t blame the elderly and believed that someone might have used her as a pawn.

He also dismissed the notion that his mother was hospitalised because of how upset she was because of him, alleging instead that his mother was hiding from him.

When mentioned that Mama Mui has always supported him, he responded, “Do you know how much she gets a month? She gets HKD 250,000. I only get HKD 20,000. It’s not about the amount though. I don’t really want to talk about the situation anyway, it was so long ago… She said that she supported my entire family. Am I handicapped? I have always worked in construction, renovation.”

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily)