Although there has been no news from Netflix about renewing the Korean series, “All of Us Are Dead”, the show’s director Lee Jae-Gyu does have his own plans for another season.

The director, who spoke to the media about the hit show recently, stated that he already has a concept for season two, saying, “If the first season is about human survival, then maybe the second one should be about zombie survival.”

As to whether the second season will be filmed, Lee thinks that Netflix has yet to decide on it, but that he has always planned to continue the story, with characters like Nam Ra and Eun Ji being an important part of the continuation.

“Generally, people die and become zombies, but these guys became zombies while they are still alive,” he said.

It is noted that the said series became the second non-English series to land in Netflix’s top ten list following “Squid Game”, in just seven days of release.

Based on the webcomic “Jigeum Woori Hakkyoneun” by Joo Dong-Geun, the story revolves around the students of Hyosan High School who have to fight for their lives following a virus outbreak that turns human into zombies. gif maker 1 2
Lee on the set of ‘All of Us Are Dead’

(Photo Source: Variety, WJ)