After 17 years with TVB, it was finally Yoyo Chen’s time to win an award, which she did – winning Best Supporting Actress for her role as Yip Fan in “Plan B” at the recently held TVB Anniversary Awards.

The actress, who looked stunning in a black dress, couldn’t help but feel emotional as she thanked TVB for nearly a decade of cultivation, the many TVB executives, and fellow actors like Liza Wang and Jonathan Cheung.

“The actor’s path is challenging, but I will continue to work hard,” she said, after thanking her family and friends.

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The actress won for her role in ‘Plan B’

Despite fans and media alike congratulating the actress for her win, many noticed the fact that she did not mention husband Vincent Wong by name at all in her speech, which only fuelled the ongoing rumours of marital woes between the two.

It is noted that Vincent did not attend the event due to his busy schedule.

When asked about it in a later interview, Yoyo explained that she did thank Vincent by thanking all family members.

“In general, I’m thanking all [family members]. The thank you speech has to be condensed, so it’s hard to thank everybody individually,” she said.

It is noted that Vincent did thank Yoyo in his speech last year, when he won Best Actor for the second time. However, it made the news only because many thought Yoyo was showing a dour face throughout the speech.

The couple have been plagued with rumours of marital woes for several years now, ever since Vincent started getting busier with work and being romantically linked to several of his co-stars.

On the other hand, the actor congratulated Yoyo’s recent victory on IG Story.

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Rumours of marital problems between Vincent and Yoyo have been going on for years now

(Photo Source: Yoyo Chen Instagram, Vincent Wong Instagram)