Following their dynamics in “Story of Yanxi Palace”, actresses Wu Jinyan and Qin Lan are reuniting in the new mainland costume drama, “Legacy”.

Wu, who played the maid Wei Yingluo to Qin’s Empress Fuca in the previous period drama, will now play sister to the latter in a drama that is set in the early Republic Era.

Aside from the two, another “Story of Yanxi Palace” alumnus, Nie Yuan will also play a role in the new series, again as Qin’s husband.

“Legacy”, set in the late 1920s, revolves around three sisters Yi Zhongling, Yi Zhongyu, and Yi Zhongxiu, who are forced to return to their family’s Shanghai department store business following the Yi family’s only son deciding to abandon the business to pursue medicine.

While the eldest Zhongling is the quiet elegant lady and the youngest Zhongxiu (played by Zhang Nan) is romantic and naïve, Zhongyu is the more shrewd and capable among the three sisters. The sisters battle among themselves for control of the family business. The upcoming series will be released via Youku in China in 2022 and on HBO Go around Asia. gif maker 7
The two previously starred in ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’

(Photo Source: SOHU)