Vivian Hsu is not one to let a scandal affect her career.

Despite the previous setback following Wang Leehom’s divorce scandal, the Taiwanese singer recently announced that she will indeed continue on with her planned concert.

Announcing the good news on social media by sharing an image of the letter V, she posted, “31 years to this day. Thank you, everybody. As promised, I will not be absent!”

“5/7 Taipei Arena is here to stay!” she added.

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V is for Vivian, V is also for Victory

It is noted that Vivian has been in showbiz for that many years, making her debut with the musical trio Girls’ Team in 1991 after winning first place in CTS’ “Talented Beautiful Girl” competition the year before.

She had since expanded her career not only as a singer, but also as an actress and songwriter.

Vivian’s name was dragged into the mud late last year after netizens speculated that she was one of Wang Leehom’s former girlfriends that the singer’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei alleged.

Vivian had since denied the rumour three times, with husband Sean Lee also releasing a statement in support of her.

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Instagram)