Sue Ramirez is ready for all the bashing she would be receiving for her role in the upcoming new drama, “The Broken Marriage Vow” – based on the BBC 2015 series, “Doctor Foster” and its more well-known Korean remake, “The World of the Married”.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who will play Lexy Lucero, the third party in Zanjoe Marudo and Jodi Sta Maria’s TV marriage, stated that she will be even more grateful if people are angry at her when the series airs.

“I am not afraid to be bashed if it’s based on the character. The more bashing I get, the more thankful I am. That means at least they appreciated what I did for the character,” she said. “I know when they bash me, they are probably bashing Lexy, not Sue.”

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Sue plays Lexy, the mistress of David Ilustre (played by Zanjoe Marudo) in ‘The Broken Marriage Vow’

Sue added that she has been very prepared for the series since she is nothing like her character in real life.

“We walk differently, talk differently, and think differently. It was a big adjustment that I had to make,” she added, saying that she even had to change the way she walks as she is more of a slouch compared to the character.

The upcoming series will be aired on ABS-CBN’s platforms on 24 January.

The original series had Jodie Comer playing the role of 23-year-old homewrecker Kate Parks, while the Korean version cast Han So-Hee in a similar role.

(Photo Source: Sue Ramirez Instagram)