After two years of marriage, Steven Cheung’s wife Au Man Man recently announced their divorce.

As reported on Mingpao, Man Man shared the news on Instagram Story, posting a photo of a sunset and wrote, “Separation does not mean the end, it just makes life better for everyone. Today we are officially divorced and I sincerely wish you happiness.”

It is noted that rumours of rift between the two sparked late last year, when Man Man posted about ending a relationship for a better future. However, when asked about it, Steven denied through his manager that he and his wife are getting a divorce.

Steven has yet to comment on Man Man’s latest post.

On the other hand, his manager stated, “I’m sorry. I don’t know about the situation so I can’t comment at the moment.”

The singer reportedly has been away from Hong Kong for a while due to work. Last Christmas, he posted a photo of Man Man with their two sons, and praising her for being a hardworking mother and wife.

Steven and Man Man tied the knot amid a big scandal, after the former announced his marriage and the baby that was on the way, surprising many including his girlfriend April Leung at the time.

Several women soon came out to reveal that they were cheated by Steven, who also owed them a huge amount of money. He had since apologised for his wrongdoings and vouched to pay back every single one of them, despite also being forced to go on hiatus from his showbiz career due to the scandal.

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It was just last month that Steven posted this picture and praised his wife for being a hardworking mother and wife

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung Instagram)