After much speculation, celebrity couple Fred Cheng and Stephanie Ho recently announced that they are welcoming their first child soon.

On 13 January, Stephanie posted a photo of her and Fred and wrote, “When I married my soulmate [Fred], I thought, “wow my life is finally complete, I can live everyday feeling safe and loved for the rest of my life”. I never thought my heart could be any fuller until the day I found out I was pregnant, there’s a life growing inside of me!”

“We are spreading our love for each other onto another little human being! It is so exciting and overwhelming at the same time to know that our lives are going to change forever but I feel so blessed to have the most loving, funny and supportive partner I can ever wish for.”

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The couple to welcome their baby boy in June

On the other hand, Fred expressed, “We both have been anticipating and wishing for this day. Our son will be expecting to enter this world sometime in mid-June. He’s going to be a tiger boy!!”

“First, I would like to thank and give huge props to my wife [Stephanie] for bearing our child. Going through all the physical and mental changes, sometimes not feeling too well. All I can do is provide you with whatever you need and hope he has mercy on you. We wonder everyday how he will turn out to be? Will he like music? Kung fu? Golf? Trouble maker? Leader? To be honest I am feeling a hurricane of emotions. I’m excited, ecstatic, scared, worried. He will be born into a very different world from which we are born in. All in all, we just hope he will be kind, healthy and happy. The rest will work out by itself.”

The couple, who tied the knot in 2020, sparked pregnancy rumour recently after they posted a video of their performance on social media; a song called “Dear Little One” that is written by Stephanie herself.

Many took to the comments section asking if they are having a baby, with fellow artiste Grace Wong expressing, “Wait, I’m so confused. Is this an announcement of pregnancy?”

Let’s enjoy Stephanie and Fred’s song to their Little One

(Photo Source: Stephanie Ho Instagram, Fred Cheng Instagram)