The representatives of actress Song Ji-Hyo has recently threatened swift action against malicious commenters.

On 4 January, the actress’ agency Creative Group ING released a statement, in which it thanked fans for their support and promising to respond to infringement of rights against the “Running Man” star.

“Malicious rumours, malicious posts and comments based on false facts on online communities, SNS, and portal sites, as well as defamation and insulting posts, etc. against Song Ji-Hyo are getting serious day by day. It is clearly illegal to post articles that are defamatory in nature based on unsubstantiated content and unconfirmed facts, and such is subject to strong legal action,” the company stressed.

They also stated that they had been aware of these activities for a while now based on reports made by fans, and that while they understand the freedom of personal expression, the company could no longer stand misinformation and slander.

“Accordingly, we want to strengthen the protection of our actors, and we will take strong legal action against malicious acts in the future. In this process, we would like to emphasise clearly that there is no leniency or agreement whatsoever,” it added.

Creative Group ING also urged fans to report such illegal activities to them by providing Song Ji-Hyo’s email and Instagram account, and promising fans that they will continue to support and protect the actress.

No reason was given as to what have prompted them to release such a warning.

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The actress’ agency has put a warning out there to slanderers

(Photo Source: Song Ji-Hyo Instagram)