Social media influencer Song Ji-Ah recently took to social media again following her fake luxury brand fiasco to express her apology for her mistake.

On 25 January, Song, known online by the name FreeZia, released a video apology and admitted to make the mistake of buying fake goods.

“As a YouTuber, I should be more careful. I am truly sorry for damaging the image of brands and disappointing many people,” she said.

Song stated that she began buying fake items in the past because they’re pretty and got her a lot of compliments from others. However, instead of stopping, she began to buy more.

“I should have realised my actions when people began to support me. But I kept on concentrating on the Song Ji-Ah that is being shown to the public. I am very regretful about that and will reflect on myself,” she added.

At the same time, the content creator also expressed hope that people will stop attacking her family for her mistake and to leave them alone.

She had since deleted all her posts from Instagram, except for the previous apology letter she shared.

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Song posted her handwritten apology on her Instagram

(Photo Source:  AllKPop, Song Ji-Ah Instagram)