After coming under fire for using fake products, it was revealed that South Korean beauty influencer Song Ji-Ah actually makes quite a hefty amount of money via social media.

Hyowon CNC, which represents Song, shared the figure with a South Korean magazine recently, revealing that she makes an average of KRW 30 million (S$33,800 or RM105,000) per Instagram post, and earns KRW 80 million (S$90,000 or RM280,000) per video mention on YouTube.

Known as FreeZia online, Song, who started her YouTube channel in 2019, became a household name after appearing on the reality dating show, “Single’s Inferno”.

However, she later found herself becoming a target of online criticism and backlash after it was revealed that she had worn fake designer items like Chanel and Dior on the said reality show.

Song was then accused of lying to fans about her actual worth, with some alleging that her luxury apartment at Seoul Forest Trimage was actually rented by her agency.

She had since apologised and deleted all content which featured counterfeit goods, while her agency defended her, saying that Song didn’t know that the items were copies instead of genuine products most of the time.

(Photo Source: Song Ji-Ah Instagram)