Fans who missed Sharla Cheung in action was elated to find out that she recently participated in a Wong Jing short film, “Inn” as part of the Chinese variety show, “Hi Directors”.

The actress shared the good news via social media with several photos from the said project, writing, “Wang Jing and Sharla Cheung collaborated again after a lapse of 28 years. Thanks to Tencent and the program team for the invitation, and thanks to director Wong Jing, for letting us meet again through this “Inn”.”

“I haven’t acted for decades, and I had a lot of feelings about working with Director Wong Jing again this time. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were filming together, and the scenes from the collaboration 28 years ago are still vivid in my mind. Looking back at this short film after many years, I believe it will be a good memory between us.”

On the other hand, Wong Jing wrote, “I didn’t expect to cooperate with Sharla again this time. I didn’t expect to have the same tacit understanding as before. There is almost no feeling of being separated for a long time.”

The director also stated that the said project can make up the regret he felt of not being able to make a sequel to “Kung Fu Cult Master”, the 1993 movie starring Sharla and Jet Li.

Discovered by Wong Jing in 1987, Sharla became one of the biggest actresses in the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s with films like, “The Romancing Star”, “God of Gamblers”, “Fist of Fury”, and “Hail the Judge”. However, she took a long hiatus from films in 2006, and only returned in 2017.

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Sharla was a big star back in the 90s

(Photo Source:  HK01)