Ruru Madrid recently admitted that he nearly quit showbiz last year due to depression.

As reported on GMA News, the actor revealed that just like a lot of people last year, he experienced a deterioration in his mental health due to the pandemic.

“To be honest, last year 2021, it was not a good year for me. The amount of challenges I went through, it got to the point that I was a bit depressed, I lost drive, of passion,” he said.

Not making things easier was the fact that his new series, “Lolong” was postponed.

“I waited for this project since 2019. I worked out, I went on a diet, I researched about my character, but because of the pandemic, we were always delayed. So, it got to a point that [I thought] maybe this is not the thing for me, not the profession for me, that I need to go back to school and find that new profession,” he said.

However, Ruru was able to push through, using the challenges he had last year as a motivator for him to go on.

“Because I survived what happened to me last year, no matter the trials I will have to go through, I will be able to cope,” he said.

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Ruru’s new project, “Lolong” was delayed due to the pandemic

(Photo Source: Ruru Madrid Instagram, GMA Facebook)