Ruby Lin recently admitted that producing her Netflix series, “Light the Night” was no easy feat, seeing that she faced multiple challenges doing so in the pandemic era.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who spoke about the said series recently, revealed that she was extremely anxious in the first few weeks of production as it was during the time when COVID-19 wave was at its unstable period, as everybody’s schedules have already been confirmed.

“I was really worried at the time, because all the actors were finalised, and everyone kept their schedules. If the filming cannot be made as scheduled, the losses will be huge,” she said.

She also spent late nights trying to balance the budget while maintaining creative direction.

However, she added lightheartedly, I’d rather plan the budget than reading the emails my daughter’s school sends me in English.”

Making things more difficult was the fact that Ruby was also juggling her Master’s degree at the same time.

As to why she did not quit or postpone her studies, she said, “I have been working hard and never thought of giving up, because I want to make people who don’t like me regret it.”

Season 2 of the said series was released on Netflix on 30 December.

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Ruby is the producer and lead actress in ‘Light the Night’

(Photo Source: Ruby Lin Instagram)