Rainie Yang nearly had her fans jumping with joy when she shared a photo of herself in a wedding dress, which then turned out to be a part of a performance.

On 8 January, the Taiwanese singer shared several photos of her in a white dress with puffy sleeves from MuseMarry Bride Couture, complete with a veil and a bouquet of orange flowers.

But before anybody mistook it for a wedding photo, she wrote, “I’ve never worn a wedding dress for personal reasons, and it is the same this time. In order to express the artistic conception of the song, I went with this look.”

7cn rainieyangweddress01
It was part of her performance, not her actual wedding

She also took to Instagram Story to explain that her look in the performance is not one that she would choose if she is to hold her wedding.

“My wedding attire would be a suit. I don’t like wearing dresses. But of course, on stage, it’s very beautiful,” she said.

Rainie registered her marriage with Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao back in 2019, but didn’t get the chance to hold their wedding reception following the pandemic. The couple have been in a long-distance relationship since tying the knot as Li is working in mainland China while Rainie focuses on her singing career in Taiwan.

However, when asked about their wedding reception plans, Rainie said that both she and Li are not in a hurry seeing that the pandemic has yet to subside.

7cn rainieyangweddress02
The couple got married in 2019

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram, Li Ronghao Facebook)