Patrick Tse has recently dismissed the notion that his memory has begun to decline now that he is in his mid ’80s.

As reported on Sohu, the actor, who recently won his first Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society for his performance in “Time”, told the media that unlike what was speculated about him, he does not have such an issue with his memory so much as his thinking has slowed.

The actor stated that he doesn’t know how to express himself sometimes that he would rather not do interviews, though it’s different when it’s at work where he would always do his best.

Patrick Tse won Best Actor recently for ‘Time’

He also denies son Nicholas Tse’s statement in a past interview that he depended on other people now, explaining that he had to spend most of his time at home due to the pandemic. From time to time, friends would come and visit him or accompany him to dinner, since his children are not around.

At the same time, the veteran actor would rather not disturb his children’s lives, and that he is more comfortable living in Hong Kong where his friends are.

It is noted that son Nicholas is currently residing in mainland China, while daughter Jennifer is in Canada.

On the other hand, when asked about his acting career, Patrick stated that while he would like to retire, he has no qualms working again if there is a good script.

Patrick with son Nicholas Tse

(Photo Source: SOHU)