Liza Soberano’s camp has recently denied rumours that the actress is currently in the US to hide her pregnancy, like some of her peers who had done so in the last year or two.

Rumours of her pregnancy sparked after the actress shared several photos of onscreen and offscreen partner Enrique Gil joining her and her family during Christmas in the US, including one where Liza was wearing an oversized jacket.

Some claimed that the jacket was used to hide a baby bump, and that Liza has been staying in the US to hide the pregnancy.

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The photo that sparked the rumour

When asked about it, her manager Ogie Diaz stated, “Of course Liza isn’t pregnant, but she is with Enrique in the US with Justin, Liza’s brother. They visited and spent time with their great grandmother.”

As for the alleged baby bump, Ogie stated that it was just an angle issue, as Liza was simply leaning forward in the photo.

“Maybe someday, since she and Enrique seemed to be inseparable now, we will get there too. But for now, it’s a no,” he added.

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Maybe baby plans in the future, but not now

It is noted that there have been several instances where young actresses surprised fans with news of a baby following a long hiatus spent overseas.

In June 2020, the then 22-year-old Sofia Andres surprised many by revealing that she gave birth to her first child Zoe with racer Daniel Miranda, after taking a hiatus from work to go to Australia.

In January 2021, 23-year-old Janella Salvador revealed that she and actor Markus Paterson have son Jude together – who was born in the United Kingdom three months prior. Then in November, 25-year-old Elisse Joson shared on “Pinoy Big Brother” that she and McCoy de Leon have welcomed their daughter Felize McKenzie.

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Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson welcomed their son Jude in October 2020, and shared the news with their fans three months later
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Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon with their baby girl Felize

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram, Janella Salvador Instagram, Elisse Joson Instagram)