Morissette Amon surprised many recently by announcing that she and fiancé Dave Lamar have actually tied the knot already.

The singer shared the news on social media on 29 January with a photo from their wedding, and wrote, “We are so happy to finally officially announce that WE ARE MARRIED! It was so hard trying to keep this a secret for the past several months, but we’re finally Free! What a ride it’s been, [Dave]!!!!”

“To the stars and the moon, I love you, my husband! Thank you for being my True North through it all, holding my hand as we journey through this life together. And I can’t wait to keeping going up and away and experience it all with you!” she added.

As for Dave, he expressed, “You have always been my true north. Now here I am following your star. You have always helped me through the storms and my compass keeps pointing to where you are.”

According to her latest YouTube video, the couple actually got married four months ago. Morissette and Dave announced their engagement in December 2020.

The couple also released a special collaboration that they called “From the Sea”, which they wrote, produced and performed.

“In line with the new EP, we thought of utilising these songs as the soundtracks of this milestone video… because it’s through music Dave and I crossed paths, it’s music that binds us together, and now it’s with music that we will build our goals and dreams around. we give you a MUSIC VIDEO, a PRE-NUP VIDEO, and a WEDDING VIDEO all in one!”

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It looked like it was a beautiful wedding

(Photo Source: Morissette Amon Instagram, Dave Lamar Instagram)