While most people would remember all the dates revolving their spouses in the first couple of years of marriage, Mikael Daez and Megan Young have already forgotten about their wedding anniversary…

…despite it being only their second year.

On 26 January, Mikael posted a photo from their wedding on social media and admitted that both of them had not remembered their special day at all until they were reminded of it.

“On cue, we forgot a major milestone in our relationship once again. Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! (synchronized face palm from me and Bonez). But then again, this is how we roll and it’s all good in the hood. And just to remind everyone how Boneezy feels about me, you may refer to the second picture in this post,” he wrote.

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Megan must have ‘fallen’ asleep

Bonez is what Mikael called Megan, which he once shared was due to him noticing her prominent collarbones when she was trying to do some push-ups.

“My only message to Bonez is… I shall do my best to make you stay “fallen”,” he added.

On the other hand, Megan posted another black and white photo from their wedding, and expressed, “[Two] years married and 11 years together. I’ve always got your back as you’ve always got mine. #bonezfofowedding. P.S. Thank you to everyone else for reminding us because we always forget these things.”

Mikael and Megan became a couple in 2011 after first meeting the year before. They were engaged for five years before finally trying the knot in 2020.

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2 years married and 11 years together

(Photo Source: Mikael Daez Instagram, Megan Young Instagram)