Former actress and beauty queen Michelle Reis was recently revealed to have spent 48 hours in ICU.

As reported on Mingpao, Michelle surprised many recently when she posted a photo of her in the hospital surrounded by a variety of medical equipment.

She wrote, “During these 48 hours in the intensive care unit, I have returned to life and I sincerely thank the professional medical team for their meticulous care. I’m really sorry for making my family exhausted and worried.”

She then added, “Please take good care of your body.”

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The photo alarmed her fans

Speaking to the media soon after, Michelle shared that the issue started as early as Tuesday last week (11 January) when she had heart palpitations and breathing difficulties.

Following a checkup, it was revealed that her blood pressure and oxygen levels had reached a dangerously low level and that she had to be sent to the ICU immediately.

“The doctor told me that if I delayed [getting treatment], the world will no longer have Michelle Reis,” she added, assuring that she is now safely moved to a regular ward.

(Photo Source: Michelle Reis Instagram)