Michelle Chen has finally decided to share a glimpse of her son to the world via her new song, “Little Star”.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Taiwanese actress, who has been very private about her child since he was born in 2016, recently released the music video of her new song, which is dedicated to all children.

Accompanying the music video was her message that read, “To all great mothers, I hope that all the children all over the world will grow up healthy and happy, and the stars will always shine in their eyes.”

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Michelle’s fans finally see her handsome little boy

The music video started with her five-year-old Chen Muchen singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, then proceeded to show Michelle as she performed the song, followed by a variety of various home videos of other parents and their children, which include her own son.

Fans and friends who saw the music video couldn’t help but gush, with actor Cheney Chen writing, “He will undoubtedly grow up into a handsome guy”. Rainie Yang posted, “My godson gets a song. Godmother feels very proud.”

Michelle tied the knot with mainland actor Chen Xiao in 2016, after the two met on the set of “The Romance of the Condor Heroes”.

(Photo Source: Michelle Chen Instagram, SINA)