After three weeks of silence from Lee Jinglei, the ex-wife of Wang Leehom recently posted another long message on social media to accuse the singer of forcing his way into her house with several other men.

Claiming that Leehom’s public apology was just for show, Jinglei stated that the singer forced her to turn off the CCTV as he tried to get two other near-strangers he said to be his staff into her house.

Said Jinglei, Leehom has violated the legal term of visitation, that is any visitor the two brought must be agreed by both of them.

She then stated that she saw another man from the CCTV instead of two, and that Leehom’s behaviour in trying to shake the door when it didn’t work had scared her and the children.

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Jinglei posted this CCTV image on her social media that showed the men at her door

She also declared in the same post that she is physically and mentally healthy and would never have suicidal thoughts.

“If something were to happen to me, it will definitely not be suicide,” she added.

On the other hand, Leehom’s studio had since responded to Jinglei’s allegation, saying that she should have called the police if she was so afraid of Leehom and the alleged strangers.

The studio also clarified the identity of the men who were with Leehom, saying, “The other person is the assistant who has served the couple for 12 years and another staff who has been on the job for 11 years. The third person is a security guard.”

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The former couple have three children

(Photo Source: Lee Jinglei Instagram)