In the latest (at least for now) update on the Lee Jinglei-Wang Leehom spat, the singer’s ex-wife has recently posted another response following Wang Leehom’s studio’s own response regarding her previous allegation.

To recap, on 11 January, Jinglei posted a nine-page essay on Instagram saying that Leehom had breached their agreement which stated that either party needs the consent of the other before bringing other people to their meeting.

She accused him of taking three other people and tried to forcibly enter her house, which brought a huge stress to her and their kids.

Leehom’s studio had since responded to the allegation, saying among other things that the three people seen with Leehom include an assistant who had served Leehom and her for 12 years, that Leehom brought the staff with him under the advice of lawyers for his safety, and that Jinglei should have called the police if she was afraid for her life.

On 12 January, Jinglei posted several bullet points in response, saying among others:

– The impossibility of having a personal assistant of 12 years for her and Leehom when she had only been married to Leehom for eight years

– That she has already called the police

– That Leehom violated the agreement that expressly stipulated that all visitors must be evaluated by both parties

– That no lawyer would suggest someone to violate their custody agreement by bringing visitors to see his own children

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Jinglei said that their three children were scared by the commotion

(Photo Source: Lee Jinglei Instagram)