Kim Chiu recently expressed her frustration that a video has gone viral of her previously making a remark about pouring hot water on noisy cats.

The actress and TV personality, who made the spontaneous comment in a segment of ABS-CBN variety show, “It’s Showtime” in December last year, had already apologised during the segment itself. However, a clip from the segment had recently surfaced online, but without the following apology.

Upon being asked to apologise again by her fans, Kim took to Twitter and said that she had already did on the same segment in the same episode.

“I cleared this already, RIGHT AFTER saying those words, and asked for apology same day same segment, [because] I know that I will never do it and cleared that [it’s] not really [like that],” she explained.

Kim stated that the person who posted the clip decided to cut the apology part, and now gossipers have chosen to only see the bad part of the situation.

She then reiterated her apology, saying, “I’m sorry to all animal lovers. I didn’t mean to say those words, nor do those actions. I don’t think anyone will do those kinds of things these days. Please do not make a big issue out of this because nobody got hurt.”

Some fans also took to the comments to defend Kim, saying that the incident happened so long ago and should not be rehashed.

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Kim had to apologise again

(Photo Source: Kim Chiu Instagram)