Gigi Leung recently revealed that Sandra Ng was very careful when it came to offering her the role of a mother in their new Lunar New Year film, “Chilli Laugh Story”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down alongside Sandra and co-star Ronald Cheng to promote the movie, stated that Sandra called her for a meeting without telling her the reason.

“Usually, the script is given to the actor and he or she will see whether the role is okay. When she came to me, she said that this time, I was going to play the role of a mother and my son is going to be in his 20s,” said the 45-year-old actress

“So, knowing that it was a hurdle to bring this up to me since she is an actor herself, I am very grateful to her.”

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Gigi has no qualms playing the mum to a young adult

Sandra said with a smile that she even gestured to Gigi not to bring her manager along to their meeting because these managers would usually share their opinions. She wanted instead for Gigi to make up her own mind by reading the script.

“A Lunar New Year film is all about happiness and this is a trivial matter to me, so I said yes to the offer that same night,” said Gigi.

The upcoming movie, which will be released for Lunar New Year, is based on director Coba Cheng’s family and how they built a chilli sauce business as a family during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep them sane during the pandemic lockdown.

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Spicy laughs for this Lunar New Year

(Photo Source: Gigi Leung Instagram, Singtao)