Eric Tsang has recently defended Rosina Lam over the backlash following her Best Actress win.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB Executive, who appeared at the press conference of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics recently, expressed his belief that the selection system used to determine the winners was fair.

“She received the highest votes from audiences and the staff, and everybody expected her to win,” he said.

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Fans of Linda Chung were unhappy that she lost to Rosina Lam

When asked who his pick was, Eric admitted that he thought it was Mandy Wong who would win the title this year for her performance in “The Line Watchers”.

“Her performance was very good in the drama, and she did well in other dramas as well. But everybody has different opinions,” he said.

On the other hand, Eric revealed that TVB will launch a series of programmes prior to the Winter Olympics, and will provide more than 120 hours of live broadcast of the event and event highlights.

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Eric Tsang’s Best Actress pick would have been Mandy Wong

(Photo Source: Rosina Lam Instagram, Mandy Wong Instagram, HK01)