Edwin Siu recently admitted that he has chosen to return to Hong Kong for a TVB drama instead of remaining in mainland China where he earns more money.

As reported on HK01, the TVB actor, who had been staying in the north to shoot the online drama, “Wi Xiang Zhi Cheng”, reportedly has been making a seven-digit sum doing stage shows and live broadcasts prior to his decision to return.

Speaking to the media about it, Edwin stated that he had to cancel a lot of live broadcasts to work on the new TVB series, “Drug Breaker” (working title), which will be helmed by producer Marco Law.

“Since it was Marco Law who called me, it’s fine,” he said.

It is no surprise that Edwin was called to do the series, as it also stars many of TVB’s big names like Moses Chan, Nancy Wu and Matthew Ho.

The drama, which in Cantonese is “Po To Kong Yan”, is also the last part of the “Kong Yan” trilogy by Marco following “Law dis-Order” (“Lo Ching Kong Yan”) and “Big White Duel” (“Pak Sik Kong Yan”).

In the drama, Edwin plays the role of Narcotics Bureau undercover agent Yip Ho Tin, who becomes a recluse after having successfully imprisoned the most wanted drug lord, Wah (Moses Chan).

Edwin had been filming an online drama in mainland China

(Photo Source: Edwin Siu Instagram, HK01)