Cristine Reyes recently stressed that she has had enough of portraying sexy roles or being portrayed as a sex symbol.

The actress recently sat down with Liza Soberano on the latter’s mental health-themed podcast, “An Open Mind”, saying that she had attended a self-love course in Los Angeles last year and became more aware of the root of her fears and emotional triggers.

It also made her realise her self-worth.

Cristine Reyes has had enough of sexy roles, celeb asia, cristine reyes, theHive.Asia
Cristine was a guest on Liza Soberano’s podcast, ‘An Open Mind’

Stressing that she still loves acting and wants to do it until she’s at her old age, Cristine continued, “The only thing that hinders me from loving my job is doing some roles that I myself am not comfortable [with] — movies that are advocating affairs, and endorsing something like liquor and then you’re wearing a two-piece.”

“For me, my God, I’m so tired. I don’t want to do it anymore. It makes me uncomfortable, first. Second, you lose your self-respect. That’s the only thing that bothers me a lot with my career. I’ve always [been] seen in a different light, that I’m an object,” she said.

Cristine stated that after she returned from LA, she received another movie offer with a dream director and was shocked to find that the role offered to her was the same sexy character she had played in the past.

“Then here we go again. My God, I cried. I was sobbing. Coming back from LA, doing a lot of self-work, now I’m faced with this again. So, I’m like, am I [going to] be pushed over again? [Because] I’m scared if I decline. If I decline, would I still get work? What I did in LA, I had to really step up and learn to value myself more, so I said, ‘No’ and I did it and I was so scared,” she said.

Cristine stated that she was blessed and thankful that just after she said no, she was offered three more projects that she said are really good.

The actress, who admitted to have had a painful childhood with her own mother, said that her daughter Amarah is an inspiration to her, and that showering her child with things she didn’t get when she was a child was a way for her to make-up for the things she lost.

Cristine Reyes has had enough of sexy roles, celeb asia, cristine reyes, theHive.Asia
Cristine with daughter Amarah

(Photo Source: Cristine Reyes Instagram)