Ali Lee recently had two of her former co-stars defending her, following rumours that she lacked discipline on the set of her dramas.

According to HK01, a source from TVB reportedly claimed that the actress was often late on the set of her new drama, “A Kind of Good Man” and would not apologise despite her behaviour.

It added that a lot of the cast and crew would avoid her outside of filming due to her behaviour.

However, when asked about the rumour, Joe Ma and Billy Luk, who both worked with Ali in “A Kind of Good Man” and “AI Rhapsody” respectively, dismissed the said rumour as false.

“It was okay. I had a great time shooting,” said Joe.

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Joe denies any problem collaborating with Ali

“She was never late during filming,” said Billy. “One time, she and I arrived on location at about the same time. I don’t know why such a rumour is spreading. Which supposed internal source is saying this?”

On the other hand, Ali herself stated that she has never heard of such a rumour, and that she has enjoyed working in all of her dramas.

She later took to Instagram Story and shared a message that read, “There are two strokes in the [Chinese character] of human. One for prosperity, and one for adversity. When things are good, be kind to others and when times are bad, be kind to yourself.”

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram, Oriental Daily)