Mainland actor Chen Xiao recently hit back at netizens after he was criticised for congratulating Rosina Lam for her Best Actress win at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was in the same class with Rosina at the Central Academy of Drama, recently went on Weibo to express his happiness, following Rosina’s recognition for her performance in the TVB series, “Battle of the Seven Sisters”.

“First Class of 2005 at the Central Academy of Drama Performance Major, Classmate Rosina Lam, I heard you got Best Actress,” he wrote, adding several hearts and thumbs up emoji in the post.

However, it turned out that some netizens were unhappy with that, saying that Rosina isn’t worthy of being named Best Actress. Others also asked the actor to stay silent.

To that, he responded, “If your classmate wins an award, you would also be happy.” He also stressed that there is no reason for him to stay silent after staying silent enough.

The actor, who is also husband of Michelle Chen, also decided to respond to several other commenters who bashed Rosina, so much so that some of his fans advised him not to pay any attention to them.

It is noted that Rosina’s recent victory was met with scorn by a number of viewers, especially Linda Chung’s fans, who believed that the latter was snubbed for her performance in “Kids’ Lives Matter”.

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Rosina Lam’s Best Actress win drew ire among Linda Chung’s fans

(Photo Source: Chen Xiao Fanpage Instagram, MP Weekly)