Here’s a lesson to be learned, ladies.

If you’re planning to take risqué photos today, be prepared to one day answer to your kids…

…which is what Taiwanese actress Cathy Chung had to deal with recently, when her daughter spotted a nude photo of hers from a 2010 edition of a men’s magazine.

Sharing the said photo online (with her fingers carefully hiding the riskier part of her body from view), Cathy wrote, “While we were cleaning the book case, [my daughter] saw this picture. She turned around and asked, ‘Mom, this is you?’.”

7cn cathychungoldnude01
Oops .. guilty

Cathy said that her son then immediately came in and told her that he wants to see it too.

“My question is, how should I give an appropriate answer?” she added, tagging her husband in the post as well.

Netizens immediately tried to help with various creative excuses, from one saying, “Your dad got you guys after seeing this”, and “Your dad helps me take the photo”, to the more helpful responses including one saying that she should tell them that she wanted to record everything about her body in her youth and turning it into art.

The “Magic 18” actress tied the knot with her Taiwanese lyricist husband in 2014, and welcomed their first daughter in the same year. She later gave birth to their son in 2017.

7cn cathychungoldnude02
Cathy is now happily married with two adorable kids

(Photo Source: Cathy Chung Instagram)