BY2’s Yumi Bai seems to be hitting back, now that the Wang Leehom-Lee Jinglei controversy is slowly dying down, demanding the latter to make good on her promise.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the whole issue sparked back in December, when Yumi took to social media to deny an affair with Leehom while the singer was married to his wife Jinglei, and revealed that she has lodged a police report regarding the allegation.

In response, Jinglei wrote, “Please give me the contact information of the police and I’ll provide them with evidence, thank you.”

On 10 January, BY2’s work studio went on Weibo to share that Jinglei hasn’t done anything about it three weeks after asking for the details.

“It has been 21 days since Ms Lee publicly requested for the contact information of the police, but the police has not been able to get in touch with you,” the post read. “Miss Lee who is currently not in the mainland, please cooperate with the police to complete the criminal investigation into the matters of your slander and defamation.”

Finally, the studio added, “Justice may be late, but it will never be absent! Salute to every police officer! Thank you for your hard work!”

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The ball is in your court now, Ms Lee

(Photo Source: Yumi Bai InstagramOriental Daily)