It looks like there is no ending to the Wang Leehom-Lee Jinglei saga, as it was revealed that BY2 is now suing the latter for defamation.

As reported on Mingpao, on 29 January, BY2’s studio revealed that they have now officially filed a defamation lawsuit in Shanghai after Jinglei failed to provide evidence of its artiste Yumi Bai’s alleged affair with her ex-husband.

“Here are the facts. Circa 2012 to 2013, Yumi and Wang Leehom were officially dating. All of their close friends knew about it and she has never been the third party in anybody’s marriage,” the studio stressed.

They also added that Jinglei has continuously shifted the focus from the issue every time she was confronted, and has yet to provide any evidence of the alleged affair.

Since Jinglei is not residing in mainland China, the police could not summon her immediately, which is why they decided to take legal action.

“It may take us hundreds of days or even longer to hold the rumour-mongers accountable, but we are willing to work hard for it. If, as a public figure, you don’t have the courage to defend your rights, then more victims of cyber violence will suffer in the future. How to deal with ourselves? Next, we may have to experience obstacles that everyone can’t imagine. But we still believe in justice, choose to hand over everything to the judiciary, and wait for a fair deal.”

In addition to taking legal action against Jinglei, the studio also stated that they are taking legal action against netizens who were defaming Yumi.

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BY2 studio tagged Lee Jinglei in their statement and tells her they will see her in court

(Photo Source: Yumi Bai Instagram, Lee Jinglei Instagram)