Anjaylia Chan has recently welcomed her third child, another daughter that has been named Azaliah.

The actress shared the good news on social media on 16 January with a photo of the baby in a blanket with her name on it (just like all the first photos of her children she shared in the past), as well as a video from her previous gender reveal party.

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She wrote, “Hello world ! Hello everyone! This is Azaliah meeting you all!”

“Thanks God and thanks everyone’s blessings and care that I am all healthy and doing good. Teaming up with [Hosanna] and [Eliana] who are having their early CNY holiday, mommy Anjay and daddy Epa are now joyfully (exhaustingly) taking care of us at this moment. Please forgive them if they haven’t got time to reply your [messages]. We truly appreciate all your love and blessings.”

She also explained the choice of her baby’s English name, saying that all of the names of her daughters are from the Bible. Hosanna means “Asking for God”, Eliana means “God has answered”, and Azaliah is “God has reserved”.

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Anjaylia married husband Epaphras Wong in 2017

(Photo Source: Anjaylia Chan Instagram)