It looks like audiences will now be able to watch Longman Leung’s more than four hour cut of the biopic, “Anita” after all.

It was revealed that the director’s cut of the movie will be released on Disney+ as part of its 2022 APAC (Asia Pacific) release.

The director’s cut will be presented in five instalments of 45-minute episode each, with the movie having an extra hour of content that was cut from the original film.

The movie will begin airing on Disney+ every Wednesday beginning 2 February.

Released last year, “Anita” is a biopic about Hong Kong Cantopop queen Anita Mui, depicting her life from childhood through her last moments prior to her death in 2003. It stars Louise Wong in the lead, as well as other stars like Gordon Lam, Louis Koo, Fish Liew, and Terrance Law.

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Louise Wong plays the role of Anita Mui
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Louis Koo plays the role of Anita’s image designer and mentor Eddie
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Terrance Lau plays the role of Leslie Cheung