Ali Lee recently decided to give a long clarification about her alleged relationship with businessman Mark Chan, after a new rumour emerged about the two of them.

As reported on Mingpao, after the actress denied romance with Mark late last year, tabloids recently claimed that the two have actually been dating in secret for a year. Several photos were also published, including one of her with the businessman celebrating her birthday and a diamond brooch that Mark reportedly gave Ali as a love gift.

Ali had since taken to Instagram Story to explain the whole situation, saying that she was introduced to Mark by a colleague in mid-August 2020 after the businessman expressed his plan to cooperate with various artists for a series of products that his company was producing.

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Ali posted her clarification after tabloids shared photos of her with the businessman

“At the time, the negotiation was about a slimming coffee product. The first time I met him and his employees was in his studio in Causeway Bay. I was invited to participate in the project, but at the time I also learned he was cooperating with many TVB artistes. But my cat that I raised for many years passed away soon after, so in the end, there was no further cooperation on the project,” she said.

Ali said that she later received another offer to participate in a charity event as a singer, but that plan was shelved as she didn’t have enough confidence to do it. The meeting was held at a restaurant, she added.

Ali revealed that the two met again at the last quarter of 2021 for a mini movie project, and that they met at a Chinese restaurant at a hotel in October.

“Because of false reports that came after, in order to avoid further misunderstanding, we didn’t meet again. I knew Mark since 2020 and I only limit our relationship to work every time. We have never developed into something else and there is no such development in the future. Let me clarify that here,” she added.

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram, Mingpao)