Zhang Ziyi has recently denied rumours that she and husband Wang Feng have ended their marriage.

According to Oriental Daily, the rumour was first spread by controversial singer Huang An, who claimed that he received the information from a reporter about the couple already being divorced.

The Weibo post by Huang immediately went viral, and attracted Zhang and Wang’s attention.

On 23 December, the actress shared a screenshot of the said rumour taken from Huang An’s Weibo account and plastered a big red “Fake” across it.

She then tagged Wang Feng in her post and wrote, “Fake! Sue those who should be sued tomorrow morning.”

The actress threatened to sue Huang An

Huang immediately posted an apology video an hour later, saying that he, like others, follows gossip without thinking that it would cause such a scandal. He then wished the couple, who tied the knot in 2015, a long-lasting marriage.

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Zhang Ziyi with husband Wang Feng, their daughter Xingxing and Wang’ daughter from his first marriage named Apple

(Photo Source: Zhang Ziyi Weibo, Oriental Daily, Zhang Ziyi Fanpage Instagram)