Following the success of his movie, “Zero to Hero”, 17-year-old actor Mason Fung revealed that he has decided to quit his studies to focus on his acting career.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who shared his plan with the media recently, admitted that he actually suffered from Asperger’s syndrome during childhood, which made it difficult for him to learn things in school –  to the point that he felt uncertain about his future.

Fortunately, he began to study acting in Form 5, and was able to get work in children’s programmes, TV series as well as films. The success of “Zero to Hero”, where he portrayed the Paralympic champion So Wa Wai, also gave him the courage to make his decision.

“I made the movie at the age of 14, and it was finally released in August and becoming the top movie in Hong Kong on Netflix. It was a tough character to play and I was lucky that the audiences loved my performance,” he said.

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Mason plays Paralympic champion So Wa Wai in ‘Zero to Hero’

Mason stated that he has already spoken to his parents about his future plans, and that he will now gain more experience through other means than school.

“I am now working as a teaching assistant and a receptionist. I am learning Putonghua, English and Korean, and I am also learning ice-skating, horse-riding and martial arts. Later, I would love to start singing and dancing courses. You have a lot of competition in showbiz, so I have to learn more to elevate myself,” he said.

As for his role model, Mason named actor-turned-director Nick Cheung, saying, “I admire him for being able to master any role. I hope to achieve as much success in showbiz as he has.”

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Mason is quitting school for showbiz

(Photo Source: Mason Fung Instagram)