Rumours are rife that BY2 Yumi Bai has been rushed to the hospital following an alleged suicide attempt.

As reported on Taiwan News on 22 December, a Weibo user took to social media to address Wang Leehom, saying that the singer tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills.

“She’s now undergoing emergency gastric lavage in the hospital. You know Yumi did not intervene in your marriage. If something happens to her, I will never forgive you,” the netizen posted.

The said person also shared several private documents along with the post, including a photo of a hospital room with an unkept bed, as well as a receipt for Emergency Critical Care with Yumi’s original name written on it.

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A netizen posted these photos on social media

Others, however, had mixed reactions to the post, with some expressing concern over the singer’s well-being, while others accused her of staging it for sympathy points.

No comment or statement has been made by BY2’s rep for the time being.

It is noted that Yumi was recently accused of being a third party in Wang Leehom’s marriage to now ex-wife Lee Jinglei. She had since denied the allegation. gif maker 2 2
An earlier pic of Yumi with Wang Leehom was discovered by a netizen

(Photo Source: Yumi InstagramOriental Daily)