Although her marriage with Hawick Lau ended after five years, Yang Mi stated that she still very much looks forward to falling in love again.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the actress stated that she still hopes to one day fall in love again, only that she hasn’t invested too much effort into it.

“So, is it worth looking forward to it?” she asked with a laugh.

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She’s single and available

Yang stated that she has the idea that looking for love feels too intentional instead of natural, and that the flavour of love itself will change that way.

“Love isn’t that important as you imagine it to be. It’s just one of the many experiences in life,” she added.

As to how she views a happy life, Yang said that life does not matter if it’s not deep enough.

“Frankly, everybody has a different answer on this matter. There is no way to cheat or plagiarise life,” she added.

Yang, whose marriage with Hawick ended in 2018, has been rumoured to be dating Chinese actor Wei Daxun. However, the actress finally denied the rumour in January 2021 following gossips that the two have tied the knot. gif maker 1 3
Yang Mi was married to Hawick Lau for five years

(Photo Source: Yang Mi Instagram, Oriental Daily)