The saga that is Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei’s divorce is turning more complicated as the singer’s father has recently decided to share the family’s side of the story only to be refuted by Jinglei soon after.

Following Lee Jinglei’s long statement accusing Leehom of infidelity and manipulation, the singer’s father Wang Ta-Chung reached out to Taiwanese media outlet Apple Daily all the way from the US, telling them it was Jinglei who forced Leehom to marry her due to an unexpected pregnancy back in 2013.

The senior Wang stated that Jinglei supposedly threatened Leehom that she would ruin his career if he did not marry her, and that their eight-year marriage was riddled with problems; with Leehom trying to resolve one issue after the other.

He also accused Jinglei of planning the whole exposé for a long time, saying that the long essay she wrote couldn’t have been written in such a short notice. gif maker 4
Wang Leehom’s father

However, following the 80-year-old’s statement, Jinglei decided to fire back, saying that she is saddened by how Leehom is using his father to defend himself, adding that the old man wouldn’t know how to contact the media without the help of the singer or his team.

“I was very reserved in my words because you’re still the father of my children. But I’m very disappointed that instead of apologising, you tried to protect yourself again by using friends and relatives to distort the truth,” she wrote.

Jinglei revealed that Leehom had tried to bribe her into apologising following her previous statement by offering her the house she is now living with the children, and then went on to address Wang senior’s accusations one by one.

Revealing that Leehom did not use contraception while they were dating, Jinglei stated that the singer – who is ten years older than her – should have known that it would lead to pregnancy. She also alleged that Leehom was happy when she told him she was pregnant, but changed his mind after discussing with his parents and asked if she could get an abortion or not marry him if she decides to give birth. gif maker 1 1
Jinglei was expecting their third child in this family pic

As for Wang senior’s allegation that Leehom’s marriage to her was bad and that he suffered because of it, Jinglei said that they wouldn’t have had two more children or keep up the lovey-dovey act in front of their friends.

“He might be an actor, but I am not,” she added.

In the same statement, Jinglei also decided to give Leehom the ultimatum, that is to make a public apology before 3pm on Sunday (19 December) or she will take legal action against him and his family for defamation of character.

In related news, singer-actress Vivian Hsu has released a statement denying a past affair with Leehom, following rumours that she was one of the singer’s past hookups.

“I hope that Mr Wang Leehom can come out and resolve [this problem] as soon as possible. Don’t hurt your friends because of your personal affair,” she added.

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Vivian Hsu wants Wang Leehom to break his silence and not involve other people in his problem

(Photo Source: Lee Jinglei Instagram, Vivian Hsu Instagram)