In the wake of what originally seemed to be a peaceful breakup and divorce, Wang Leehom’s usually low-profile ex-wife Lee Jinglei has decided to break her silence and make allegations against the beloved performer.

On 17 December, the former Mrs Wang posted a nine-page expose on social media, in which she accused Wang of multiple misconducts including cheating on her with multiple women, and emotionally abusing her to force a divorce.

The statement, which was translated by Taiwan News, had Jinglei reminding all women to take precautions for the future, saying she never thought that such a thing could happen to her but it did – as she was forced to sign an unequal prenuptial agreement.

“I can understand that and completely accept it, but the property after marriage was earned by our mutual efforts and came from each of us doing our own jobs; the house is under your name, the car is under your mother’s name, properties were transferred very clearly for fear that I might take any ‘advantage’ of you,” she wrote.

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Describing herself as a chest piece for Leehom, Jinglei stated that the singer made her his “shield” and that he and his team used her to manipulate the media.

Jinglei, who revealed that she first dated Leehom when he was 26 and she, 16, also listed all of Leehom’s infidelities, including cheating on his ex-girlfriend, taking girls home for the night, and soliciting prostitutes. She stated that such behaviour continued even after their marriage and even while she was pregnant, despite him promising her to sever ties with all the other women.


“When I married, I thought we would be family for life, so I wholeheartedly put everything I had into our family. As you are 10 years older than me and wanted many children, I was constantly being ushered to bear more children, so I gave up my job and my personal life, and made you and our children the centre of my life. Most of the time during our marriage, I’m either preparing to get pregnant, pregnant, or nursing after giving birth … of course, I like children myself, and I was the one who agreed to have them, but if I had known after having these three children you will leave our family because you want to live a “single” life, and I would need to raise the three children as a de facto single parent, I would never have agreed.”

“Even after going through so many things like this, I was willing to choose to forgive you, to keep you company, just in a different way. I no longer dreamed that I could change you, and gave you the freedom to live the life you want. I backed out of your life, staying home and waiting for you with the kids, waiting for the time when you want to come back and reunite with us, and I stopped fighting with you.”

Despite that, Jinglei stated that Leehom still wanted to leave, saying that he has found someone he liked and didn’t want the other party to be called his mistress.

“When I was unwilling to divorce, you upped your game and thought of all the ways to verbally abuse me, even humiliating me, fabricating facts before family and friends to defame me. I have given you everything you wanted, no matter how irresponsible and how ridiculous you became, I never said anything to even the closest family and friends. I held my smile the same when greeting people, protecting our home gently and resolutely, just hoping that I could exchange my restraint and concession for harmony in the family and for the kids to grow up in a harmonious and happy family. However, the result was your absence. Absence on the children’s birthdays, absence on important holidays. Every time you left, it was for months, as I watched the kids fall into my embrace, crying, heartbroken, my heart was broken too.”


Jinglei stated that the reason she decided to break her silence is so that other girls will not have to suffer the same fate as her, and hopes that powerful people will be punished for their actions.

It is noted that two hours after Jinglei posted her statement, Japanese auto brand Infiniti announced that it will terminate the cooperative relationship with Wang, ending the business agreement that the two parties had only started on 16 December.

Chinese electronic learning products Readboy also later decided to terminate their cooperation, followed by Hong Kong-based Green Monday, which stated that their two brands – Green Common and OMNI will terminate business cooperation with the singer.

Here is Jinglei’s statement in full:

(Photo Source: Lee Jinglei Instagram)