After much back and forth with ex-wife Lee Jinglei, Wang Leehom finally released what seemed to be his last statement, bidding adieu to his showbiz work for the time being.

As reported on Mingpao, on 20 December, following Jinglei’s fourth statement refuting his post where he accused her of blackmail and threats, the singer went on Weibo and apologised to his ex-wife as she previously demanded.

“After thinking it over, I should take all the responsibility as a man. I will no longer provide any explanations or defence. I didn’t manage the marriage properly, caused trouble for my family, and didn’t give the public the image that an idol should have. It was all my fault,” he said, as translated by Taiwan News.

“I hereby solemnly apologise to my parents, Jinglei, and the children. Having divorced, it is meaningless to be arguing about the past. From now on, I will pay attention to my words and deeds. I will take on the responsibilities of a father, son, and public figure. I will financially support Jinglei and the children as much as possible.”

Wang Leehom announces temporary hiatus, celeb asia, lee jinglei, wang leehom, theHive.Asia
The former couple have three children

He also added that he will be halting his work temporarily and focus instead on taking care of his parents and his children to make up for the damage that his divorce has caused.

He then addressed Jinglei and said that he will transfer the house that she is living in to her name and participate in the whole process of raising the children and bear the expenses.

“I will take all the responsibility for mishandling the incident (divorce). I again apologise to everyone,” he added.

Prior to his apology, Jinglei posted her fourth statement online, saying that Leehom had manipulated the public with false accusations by gaslighting her so that she had to spend time explaining herself instead of focusing on the real problem.

“As for you constantly calling me Nishiharu Michiko, it only proves that you are low in terms of both morality and character. You hoped to incite hatred among netizens to better control public opinion, but you underestimated netizens’ intelligence. My Chinese name is Lee Jinglei. I used the Japanese name when I was young… and when my father left our family, I was left with bad memories,” she said.

Wang Leehom announces temporary hiatus, celeb asia, lee jinglei, wang leehom, theHive.Asia
It’s all in the past

(Photo Source: Wang LeehomLee Jinglei Instagram)