Now that Lee Jinglei has decided to end the battle against ex-husband Wang Leehom which had somehow dragged a few names into the mud, singer-actress Vivian Hsu recently posted a message online to express her feelings about the whole ordeal.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was accused of being one of Leehom’s many affairs by the speculating media and netizens, posted a message on Instagram Story on 26 December that read, “The misunderstanding is solved, the innocent people who were affected received their apology, but the heart still palpitated, the chest is tight, and the tears fall for no reason.”

“Is this a trauma caused by cyberbullying? Or do I love and care too much about this place where I grew up?”

She also addressed her family, friends and fans who have continuously supported her throughout the controversy, saying, “I will work hard. Give me some time to fix myself. The next time we meet again, you will see an upgraded version of Steel V 2.0.”

Prior to the said post, Vivian had released three statements denying any affair with Wang Leehom before, during or after his marriage with Lee Jinglei. Husband Sean Lee also decided to release his own statement to defend his wife, saying that he trusts her and will not allow anyone to harm her or their family again.

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Vivian Hsu wants you to get ready for Steel V 2.0
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The singer’s husband Sean Lee supports her throughout the controversy

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Instagram, Taiwan News)