Vivian Hsu has denied for the third time the rumours that she had an affair with Wang Leehom while the latter was still married to Lee Jinglei.

As reported on Mingpao, on 22 December, the singer posted another message on social media, after some netizens speculated about her relationship with Leehom yet again when photos of her previous get-together which also included Christine Fan and Blackie Chen, circulated online.

It was further fuelled when Jinglei decided to deny Blackie and Christine’s involvement in what netizens claimed to be some strange open relationship situation, but said nothing about Vivian – although she later stated that she was only helping the couple clarify the absurd rumour.

Vivien posted about her gathering of friends, but it fueled rumours instead

Admitting that the rumour has truly tormented her for the past few days, Vivian said that it has severely affected her family.

“I believe in self-evident truth and justice in the world… I want to reiterate that I, Vivian Hsu, did not get involved in Wang Leehom’s marriage. There was absolutely no agreement, not to mention “third party intervention”. This is my third statement and my last one. I will not repeat it again. If such a rumour arises, I will entrust it to the legal system,” she said.

On the other hand, the spokesperson for Taiwanese singer A-Mei has also recently dismissed another rumour, which alleged that A-Mei was Leehom’s girlfriend during his marriage with Jinglei.

Following Jinglei’s previous confession that Leehom once took her to a movie where they stumbled across his girlfriend, tabloids recently reported that A-Mei was the alleged girlfriend in question.

“I really won’t ask A-Mei this kind of question,” said her manager, Chen. “A-Mei is busy with her concerts now. I won’t ask her about such a boring gossip. She won’t give it any attention.”

A-Mei has been dragged into the rumour mill

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Taiwan News)