First, its promotional poster was accused of plagiarism.

Now, the Zanilia Zhao-starrer “Who is the Murderer” is getting a lot of flak again for illegally using Victoria Song’s photo in a scene on episode 6 of the said series.

Eagle-eyed netizens recently took to social media to blast the said drama, after they discovered that an old photo of the said idol was being used as a prop photo on the evidence board in one of the scenes, in which the detective characters were discussing about a serial murder case.

7cn victoriasongsfans01
This old photo of Victoria Song was illegally used in the drama

Following the backlash, the production team of the said drama issued an apology to the f(x) member, saying that the staff used online photos without authorisation and that due to their failure to inspect the work, had “adversely affected the image and reputation of Ms. Victoria Song.”

“The relevant images have been processed and the modification and replacement will be completed within today. We hereby apologise to Ms. Victoria Song and everybody who cares about her, and will make sure that there will be no related problems in the future,” it added.

Earlier this week, the team apologised after netizens pointed out that their promotional poster had plagiarised the poster for Japanese drama, “Legal High”.

7cn victoriasongsfans02
The production team has apologised to Victoria

(Photo Source: Victoria Song Instagram, NetEase)