TVB is now trying something new after years of producing Cantonese TV series and sitcoms by making its first local English-language sitcom, “Family First”.

As reported on HK01, the Pearl Originals sitcom, which will be aired on TVB Pearl in 2022, will star celebrity couple Jessica Kan and Derek Mackesy, as well as Miss Hong Kong 2020 champion Lisa-Marie Tse.

The said story reportedly will be revolving on family conflicts and the differences between Chinese and Western culture.

7cn tvbintroduces01
Derek Mackesy will be starring in the new sitcom
7cn tvbintroduces02
… along with girlfriend Jessica Kan
7cn tvbintroduces03
Miss Hong Kong 2020 Lisa-Marie Tse as well

“I grew up watching American sitcoms and I love all of them. I’d love to try it out,” said Jessica.

It is noted that Jessica grew up in New York, while Derek and Lisa are both of mixed parentage – Derek being half British-Irish and Lisa is part Scots.

Aside from the said sitcom, TVB Pearl will also launch several other new English shows including a talk show hosted by Grace Chan, a cooking show to be hosted by Kelly Ng, as well as a new collaboration between TVB and YouTube celebrity Wong Fu Productions.

(Photo Source: Lisa-Marie Tse Instagram, Jessica Kan Instagram, Derek Mackesy Instagram)