Three years following her last drama, Sonia Sui revealed that she is finally filming a new TV series now.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Taiwanese actress, who appeared at a brand event on 29 November, shared that it’s been a while since she last worked in a drama and being away from her husband and kids.

“After the first three days, I got home and the children were asleep. There was no time for us to interact. They’re not used to me leaving home for a long time,” she said.

However, Sonia stated that her three kids would now welcome her home like a hero, adding, “It was as if I were a soldier returning home from a battlefield.”

Asked whether her husband Tony Hsieh had any complaints about taking care of their kids while she is away, Sonia said that the businessman has no issue with it whatsoever, seeing that he will be gone to the United States in a month’s time and would rather spend as much time with the children as possible.

The new series, “Dear Villain” (translated title) is a TVBS original which revolves around a couple whose lives changed after their daughter was sexually assaulted.

The series will also star Wen Shenghao, of whom Sonia worked with in “The Fierce Wife” back in 2010.

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A day out for Sonia and her kids

(Photo Source: Sonia Sui Instagram)