South Korean actress and “Parasite” star Park So-Dam was recently revealed to have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

The news was confirmed by her agency, ArtistCompany, which stated that the doctor gave her the diagnosis following her recent health examination which she has undergoes regularly.

“She has completed her surgery following doctor’s recommendation,” the agency added.

The recent surgery and subsequent treatment would mean that Park will not be able to participate in her work activities, including promoting her new movie, “Special Delivery.”

“Actor Park So-Dam will focus on her recovery so that she can see you all healthy in the future, and ArtistCompany will also do our best to help the actor recover her health,” the agency stated.

The actress, who has worked in a number of movies and series including 2015’s “The Silenced” and 2016’s “Cinderella with Four Knights”, is most known to her international fans for playing the daughter of the Kim family in the Bong Joon-Ho Oscar winning film.

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Park So-Dam is most known for her role as Kim Ki-Jung in ‘Parasite’

(Photo Source: Park So-Dam Instagram, SCMP)