Nadine Lustre is happy to now live an island life in Siargao, saying that it has always been a dream of hers to build her own beach life.

In an interview on Dr Aivee Teo’s latest vlog, the actress shared that she has always wanted to live somewhere near the beach or mountains, and finally found a place where she can have both, and to be surrounded by friends.

“I feel great. I feel like there’s a lot of weight that’s been lifted off me and it just feels like life is so simple in Siargao,” she said.

Nadine also added that it all happened so fast, as she began staying in Siargao longer and longer since August and decided that it was a great place to be.

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Nadine loves her island life

And just like another fellow island girl Andi Eigenmann, Nadine said that she realised after moving to the island that her life in Manila was made complicated by herself.

“Life in Siargao is so simple… For some reason, I was making my life so complicated and so difficult. But when I moved [to Siargao], I realised life isn’t so [hard] after all,” she said. “Everything that was around me and everything that I think is beneficial, it’s what making it difficult, harder for me.”

Asked if she can see herself building a family there, she said, “Yes, that island really has magic.”

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Siargao has magic for Nadine

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram)